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Subject: The Pro's
Date: Oct 04, 9:46 pm

On Oct 04, 9:46 pm, wrote:

Just to let you guys know a little about what is happening in the pro side of the fusor research efforts.

To the best of my understanding Dr. Miley and Dr. Nadler under the name NPL have been working very hard on their new IEC device. This device either has or will have differential vacuum pumping it will operate below glow discharge levels and will be fed by high current ion guns, I'm assuming with electronic focusing control.

On the other side the guy's at Los Alamos are doing very good, they are using a method of pulsing the inner cathode grid were a type of shock wave (simultaneous particle migration) forms which allows the majority of ions to focus at the center at the same time. I believe Dr. Laverentiev had proposed a similar idea in one of his papers.

The Los Alamos device uses active liquid cooling and will probably use magnetic shielding also. Dr. Miley and his team will be using similar grids, not surprising since he has advised the Los Alamos team in the past.

Ok, last but not least is Dr. Bussard, the NAVY has finally given him enough money to pay the bills and hire people which he has been doing and he will be going after his polywell concept with some new angles.

By the way all camps in this quick report confide with one another and some times with Dr. Hirsch, this is why they try similar things.