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Subject: Re: Neutron generation
Date: Oct 05, 9:57 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 05, 9:57 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I am building an IEC with 15kV 60 mA running on pure deuterium fuel. Will this be able to generate detectable neutrons?

With 15kvdc applied and a good detector of the first rank, Yes! However, No, if you are using simple neutron detectors.

Neon Trannies are not good for neutron producing fusors. They are current limited and are only suitable for demo systems. (concept demonstrators.)

You will need a formal high voltage transformer which is not magnetically shunted as the neon transoformer is. If I need for voltage, where can I get a transformer (I got mine from a neon sign vendor as a donation) that will produce the nesicsary voltage.

My Website on the fusion page points to a lot of the sites mentioned.


Richard Hull