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Subject: Re: The Pro's
Date: Oct 06, 9:15 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 06, 9:15 am, Richard Hull wrote:

> What do they AC modulate the inner cathode grid or something??? . Didn't Philo do that in the earlier units???
>>On the other side the guy's at Los Alamos are doing very good, they are using a method of pulsing the inner cathode grid were a type of shock wave (simultaneous particle migration) forms which allows the majority of ions to focus at the center at the same time. I believe Dr. Laverentiev had proposed a similar idea in one of his papers.


Having friends involved in, and having signed non-disclousre agreements with the Bussard effort, you can't imagine how low a profile they were trying to maintain. I would be stunned to find that they are publishing useful info anywhere on the WWW! I would think, if successful, they will reveal all at some point in the future "don't know where don't know when", as the old song goes.

Richard Hull