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Subject: Re: Abandoned vacuum chamber
Date: Oct 10, 7:07 am

On Oct 10, 7:07 am, wrote:

If you go to the Lesker webpage you will see that by far the most used material for vacuum chambers is stainless steel.

Stainless Steel alloys have fantastic properties that make them currently the best material for vacuum systems.

As for a sphere, there is a place were I bought two hemispheres from that you should look into, the web address is (http:www.jgbraun.com/ball.html)

I can tell you that these spheres and hemispheres are super cheap in cost as compared to what you are proposing and they have been created for general use, but are strong enough for welding and vacuum work.

Then you can have your friend help you with the flanges that you are going to need and other machining work.