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Subject: Miley's latest patent
Date: Oct 10, 12:03 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 10, 12:03 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

Check out patent # 6,121,569. The PTO, just this month, has 100% of all patents issued to date on line. Full text is easy, but the pix are TIFF and demand a plugin for same. The address is:


It seems this recently issued patent, (Sept 19, 2000), to Miley, et al. covers the use of various forms of fusors for a multiplicity of purposes ranging from treating minor cuts and abrasions to space ship propulsion!

I suppose this is the norm now in patents. Claim everything, even the implausible and near impossible.

Remember, playing with any of these ideas on your own is illegal!

Thanks go out to my friend Steve Hansen of "The Bell Jar" for giving me the patent #.

Richard Hull