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Subject: Mini demo fusors!
Date: Oct 10, 3:15 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 10, 3:15 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I have long had the desire to make a micro fusor with a small carry around ensemble for demos, hamfests, meetings, etc. Fusor II was an early effort in this direction, but was way to big and bulky. Plus, it was glass.

I have also noted the cheap hemisphere prices at Braun for the past two years. They have not had a price increase, either!

I just ordered a pair of 5", 4" and 3.5" hemispheres from them. I actually wanted only the 5", but they have a minimum order of $60.00, so I splurged and plan a series of quick and dirty micro fusors. (probably called Microfusor I, II and III.

I will work the outsides and weld on the insides what few simple vacuum and observation flange ports needed. I will proceed with the idea of welding the assembly shut to a sphere forever once I have a good vacuum seal in each hemisphere. (Saving megabucks on flanges) The inner grid post will allow changing/repair of the inner grid via a conflat removable flange with adapted spark plug insulator.

The 5" I may make a simple road worthy neutron producer, but the two smaller units (4" and 3.5") will be demo units only, for sure.

All will be the simple fusor made to this point by me.

I figure the smaller units will sport 1.33 conflats and the 5" maybe 2.75 inch stuff. I am also musing over all ports being KF25 or KF40's to save even more bread. Who needs conflats on a demo unit? All view ports will be designed for video camera use only (no eyeballs), and will be home grown and machined. I have found that with the micro board cameras, any window diameter over .6" is a waste! This makes crafting ports a snap.

I am surprised no one else has plowed this ground before me! I am also surprised I didn't think of it sooner. It has got to be the cheapest way to get into the biz, assuming you can TIG weld and have a limited machining capacity.

The inner grid will be a challenge as the 3.5" unit will have about a .65" diameter grid! I have my sailor's seagoing lexicon standing by for this effort!

Richard Hull