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Subject: Re: Mini demo fusors!
Date: Oct 11, 8:59 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 11, 8:59 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Perhaps using some sort of lost wax casting.. Sure, casting tantalum or tungsten would be out of the question, but maybe gold? Nice high melting point, and after a grid deforms from the heat, you can have your friendly local jeweler recast it?

Local Jeweler! I have a complete lost wax casting setup on hand. (I once did a lot of custom jewelry on the side to support the my 5 conflat a day vacuum habit). I have always been one to not farm out easy work.

I have done a lot of lost wax casting over the years. The detail is superb - up to .0001" possible. The problem is the casting voids at or near the surface. Also gold would be far worse than SS wire. (melting point wise).

Wire is the way to go for all grids, I believe. I have thought about and posted in the past about SS stamp outs of thin metal rings offering reduced cross section and large radiating area, but have not moved on the idea.

I will probably continue to use Ta wire, but with reduced diameter in the micro fusors. The spot welder should help a lot here.

Richard Hull