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Subject: Re: Also, why aren't you in the news?
Date: Oct 12, 6:42 pm
Poster: BF

On Oct 12, 6:42 pm, BF wrote:

>>These guys got on the news last year just for producing a few neutrons with a "mere million dollar machine". You guys seem to have done that and more on a tiny fraction of that budget. How come you aren't on the news too?

And I thought the real reason is that fusion
designers typicaly live on the 2nd floor and you don't want the neigbors to know that since lights
dim every so often while you nuke the tenants.
(You of course are in a lead lined room).

This brings up a good point. You hear lots of
1st developments - we where the first to bla-bla
bla, but you never hear follow up stories.
(Almost as bad a NASA propaganda). Jut how close
are the other guys to break even and/or sustained