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Subject: Conflats I don't need
Date: Oct 12, 10:18 pm
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 12, 10:18 pm, Carl Willis wrote:

Hi Folks,
I've got two used blank 10-inch conflat(varian did not make them though) flanges that I don't need. Those of you following my issues with conflats know why I can't use them- I just don't have the resources to bore them out and so I got some other ones already bored. Anyway, I hope I am not "breaking the rules" in mentioning that I am selling them. I'm looking for about $120 each which is roughly what I have in them but other offers will be considered. Note that these are real heavy, about 20 lb each or more by my estimate. I also have two unused CF 3-3/8" rotatable blank flanges. E-mail me with Q's or if interested.