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Subject: Re: Mini demo fusors!
Date: Oct 13, 3:36 pm
Poster: Al

On Oct 13, 3:36 pm, Al wrote:

>>The inner grid will be a challenge as the 3.5" unit will have about a .65" diameter grid! I have my sailor's seagoing lexicon standing by for this effort!
>Perhaps using some sort of lost wax casting.. Sure, casting tantalum or tungsten would be out of the question, but maybe gold? Nice high melting point, and after a grid deforms from the heat, you can have your friendly local jeweler recast it?

Dear Richard,

Casting will certainly work and you can get good accuracy down to 50 micron at best ( I am a dentist by profession and we did many gold and other metal castings in dental school) even commercial dental labs can cast just about anything but the accuracy won't be much better than that.
If you want smaller sizes and better accuracy you may want to consider electroplating or electroforming. You could make them out of virtually any metal easily and chaeply in bulk.
With photo resists you could get into micron dimensions, but heat dissapation from the reaction may be a problem at this scale?

Anyway I'm babbling here. For what it's worth you can check with your local commercial dental lab for castings as well, they also cast Chrome colbalt and other alloys too.


PS that is the direction I am pursuing at this time, smaller vs. bigger!!
What if you had a fusor 100 microns in diameter that could put out 10>6 neutron per second, then 10>3 of these could be squeezed into a small space and now you have 10>9 neutron per second!!!

Good luck keep us posted.