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Subject: New Fusor At Wpi
Date: Dec 04, 5:18 pm
Poster: Joshua Resnick

On Dec 04, 5:18 pm, Joshua Resnick wrote:

This is an update of the Fusor study at WPI. I recently tested my new chamber. Everything went as planned. The chamber is 12" in diameter and 12" tall. The cylinder wall is made from 1/4" Al and the end plates are 1/2" Al. Right now I am operating with a 24 AWG 1.5" Dia steel inner grid. It glows with around 4 kV across the Fusor. I will be posting pics of the chamber and HV feed asap. The next step in construction is an x-ray shield. This brings me to a question for more experienced experimenters on the list. As the project becomes more involved, I need more instrumentation. One weak link in my current setup is the vacuum gauge. My advisors have a knack for getting demo units from companies. Do any of you know of some good vacuum equip. companies that would be good to hit up for this type of stuff. I really only need a good vacuum gauge at this point. My pump seems to bring the system below the needed levels (as indicated by current gauge and performance of Fusor), but the need for accurate metering remains.

Joshua Resnick