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Subject: Re: Crunch time for Big Fusion?
Date: Oct 17, 1:01 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Oct 17, 1:01 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

>>Bob Hirsch noted to me that if net power producing fusion can be done by man at all, and if it is comeercially feasible, it can be done on a desktop with smaller and reduced infrastructure methods and materials. This is well spoken and thought out.
>>A 2 megawatt fission reactor minus shielding and power takeoff assemblies can be made the size of a large desk. Fusion systems should follow this model.
>I like it!. What do you think would be the minimum size (in terms of power out) of this type of system?.

But, it IS the shielding and all the safety systems, mandated by Federal and State Law, that greatly increases both the size and cost of commercial power generation systems... Also they are built to last 30 -50 yrs. (Not my recommendation, but certainly the way most Utility equipment is designed and operated. )

I have read here by several that these fusors cannot achieve breakeven, let alone a net power production, exceeding breakeven.

While I see nothing intrinsic in these designs that would limit to below breakeve, it is clear the amateur is not going to be able to afford the large scale shielding for a power producing facility.

Also as to the Tokamak's large size.... I was under the impression, that plasma behavior was far improved in the very large facilities.

Dave Cooper