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Subject: Re: Star Mode / Transforemers
Date: Oct 17, 9:08 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 17, 9:08 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I have recently read about Start Mode, when the ions are oscillating though only grid openings making transparancy nearly 100%. What is/are the secrets to acheiving this.


I have posted on this subject at least four times in the past and touched upon it in the two fusor videos.

Star mode is absolutely unavoidable in a glow mode fusor with even a half way clean vacuum and tolerably decent symmetry of components!

There is no secret. It is the laws of physics at work.

Most folks will make sure that their grids are close to spherical. Most will also to make a crude attempt at placing the inner grid as near to the center of the fusor as possible. Also, they exercise reasonable care in the maintenance and care of their vacuum apparatus.

Given these efforts, there is little they can do to avoid star mode assuming they are operating in glow mode. They are on a collision course with star mode.

You will have to have a pretty sad looking and sloppily operated fusor to not get star mode. RH

>PS I am also trying to acquire a 50kV - 150kV transformer. No one seems to have one (unlike the 15kV one's). What are such high voltage transformers commonly called (i.e. neon sign transformer for 15kV's) and where can one locate them? (a source that would donate one would be extra nice).


Transformers of reasonable size are never constructed to produce much over 30kv. X-ray transformers are the highest voltage, low wattage transformers made in the world. Small ones in the 40KV class are usually tanked in oil and are about the size of a large office trash can and weigh 70-100 lbs. Larger, special X-ray system transformers can easily approach 400lbs.

Power distribution transformers are easily located which sport outputs up to 100KV if reverse connected. The smallest usually are about the size of utility shed and weigh several tons, but they are in the 1/2 megawatt plus class. Used and in good shape, they are about the price of scrap steel. I have used some 45kv distributuon transfoermers in reverse connection in my Tesla coiling efforts in the past. Most were in the 500 lb catagory and are instantly lethal to the un-initiated falling afoul of them. I had to specially wire a break out box and beef up my home service to use it though. I actually acquired about 6 big monster distribution transformers for FREE. Those monsters are so big that every now and then someone will give them away if you just come and remove them from their property or business.

I would forget the distribution transoformers for obvious reasons. (More power than you need by three orders of magnitude, special wiring needed, space limitations, tonnage bearing on your floors, lethality, etc.)

Only an X-ray transformer will be acceptable for your work.

All of the above discussion assumes neutron producing fusors are your goal and not a demo fusor. Lower voltage X-ray units (20-30kv) can be voltage doubled with some heroics and good high voltage diode and capacitor selection.

Richard Hull