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Subject: Re: Recycling and using the
Date: Oct 17, 5:15 pm
Poster: Neil

On Oct 17, 5:15 pm, Neil wrote:

>This junk is regulated tighter than your might imagine. I am assuming you are talking about spent fuel assemblies.

What about the depleted uranium that is left aside from the initial enrichment process? Is that front end as closely regulated? Afterall there is far more U238 than U235. Maybe there are some mounds of abandoned U238 and other waste ore from the days when every government was interested in nuclear power, followed by those companies going bankrupt when the interest waned, and those quiet mounds are just waiting for someone to tap into their potential power.

The idea is not necessarily to be "green" but rather to get "dirt-cheap" raw materials and produce lots of profitable power with very little waste.