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Subject: Re: Crunch time for Big Fusion?
Date: Oct 18, 6:53 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Oct 18, 6:53 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

>>Also as to the Tokamak's large size.... I was under the impression, that plasma behavior was far improved in the very large facilities.

It involves entropy. An engine or mechanism is a highly ordered system designed to produce work from a potential difference. You don't fly across the country by throwing a bucket of fuel on a fire.

Energetic plasma whistles and hums and radiates away energy. large systems can maintain their highly ordered plasma for longer time periods and have lower losses.

What is needed is a novel approach. I spoke before about this and laser and Tokamak's being two ends of and extreme. Something sensible will be in between.

>Another misconception. Bob Hirsch has come to realize that the larger sizes were a mistake. The bloated infrastructure siphons off funds from other ideas which are deserving of investigation. Again, a smaller size leaves room for a lot more investigations by more people with more new ideas. The small size also allows for the "lean, mean" mentality of a truly gifted person (like Philo Farnsworth) to flower and push the project forward. The most promising systems can then be singled out for more funds or a small ramp up.
>Richard Hull

That's one aspect. Like an energetic plasma that finds novel ways of dissipating its power, so a bureaucracy finds novel was of deviating from its mission and devouring more money and man-hours.

This got me kicked off the hydrino list, and I just won't learn my lesson. Here's one of my censored irrelevant political rants:

(speaking of alternatives theories to QED)
>One must understand current theory at a fairly high level, one must know a
lot of experimental data, one must be very creative to think of new ways to
view the universe and its contents

So you have to be well indoctrinated, that is have a strong habit of thinking in the traditional modes, yet be creative unstable/undisciplined, (naive) enough to view the universe in new ways. Those who have paid the
price of years of hard study and tens of thousands of dollars have no strong
motivation or capability to be novel in thought. Those who do not go through the traditional system will not be taken seriously by those who wield political power. Political power has a way of deceiving the minds of those that posses it and promoting witless toadies rather than the creative.

Sounds mutually exclusive.

>one must have the stamina and internal fortitude to fight off the
detractors (who are not reluctant to criticize >vociferously).

It's their world-view that has been paid for with blood, sweat and tears. It will be taken no less easily than a land that is stained with blood will be taken from a soldier. What is that saying, 'Science progresses one funeral
at a time'?


Moreover its not simply rejection of the new or foriegn, its having developed the culture of deliberate ignorance, being brainwashed.

An example;
My first job as a military radio tech, I found that if you charged your time to certain accounts, you could fool around, but if you did your work and used the idle account, the manager came around often and you cleaned shelves. I noticed that pattern, but excuses and reasons abounded. I can think of many other examples of how:

1. Awareness of a problem, or ugly truth is punished

2. Ignorance, blind faith and obedience to authority is rewarded

Often bribery and extortion are more or less subtle too. Double-binds, double-whammys, double-standards, et. The result of which are dumbed-down individuals in a sick system that goes along and gets along all the way to hell.

Our government-academic complex turns out bureaucratic fascists that discriminate and oppress like Nazis while they fancy themselves enlightened liberal benefactors because they hug trees, bunny's and whatever else the media has 'charged' with 'popularity'.

Its good they get power so they can't blame their opponents when they don't deliver on their promises, but become fat and oppressive like the pigs in Orwell's "Animal Farm". - But thats why they won't; they have to keep the responsibility and blame spinning around.

Environmentalism has become a vehicle for political control of energy and land, that the naive masses can be deceived into surrendering their rights for, tax energy and then create subsidies for the corporations and entities they influence and hold stock in.