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Subject: Re: National Ignition Facility
Date: Oct 19, 4:06 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Oct 19, 4:06 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>More bad news for fusion.......

>General Groves would have just "Levenworthed" the lot of the management..."its treason charges the next time anything like this even remotely happens".

The good'ol days.

>As it is, no charges are pending or planned for any of the miscreants who it appeared didn't actually line their pockets with any more of the money than involved their bloated salaries. Instead, they just lied, did some creative accounting and let the money fall down a rat hole while saying real soon now.

My brief experience as a lowly dumb tech at a national lab was that it seemed the bigger the budget you had and the more money you could waste, the more important you were.

My belief is after you see enough taxpayer money thrown away and wasted, it just isn't real anymore and they begin to use it as status symbol of how powerfull you are. Its part of the game.

But I saw the same thing in big corporations; the group I was with should have cut half the staff because we didn't do anything but stay in 'warm standby' for 'emergencies' and make piles of paper. But the managers can't climb the corporate ladder unless they have bodies to stand on, and a 'mission'.

>last two paragraphs are my own bile flowing)

I obviously need somewhere do dump too. Talking about horrific experiences is theraputic. It helps us hold on to what reality should be, even if it isn't. It keeps us from succumbing to the insanity that would otherwise cause us to believe the lies of appearance over substance, delusion and magical thinking that reigns in sick, corrupt bureaucracy.

Power can corrupt organisations and they continue to function until a competing entity devours them, or the Merciful Lord sends an asteroid to stop the chaotic dysfunctional, evil mode. But engineers can't make their circuits behave with lies and illusions. Too bad.

>The beat goes on. Lots of fiddling going on as the Roman children learn how to play with matches.

It seems its just another area of life where you need to let go of people you considered 'family'. That is a sense of affiliation. Whether its an abusive or addicted family member, your company or your country that seems bent on believing their own lies and delusions to their destruction. Playing with matches comes naturaly; you have to learn and remember not to burn.