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Subject: Re: x-ray transformers: questions (and where to get them)
Date: Oct 21, 10:56 am
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 21, 10:56 am, Carl Willis wrote:

Here's my analysis of the procurement process: what you save in money you spend in time. To find this x-ray supply, I used the yellow pages and looked under "radiography- eqip & supply" and I dialed the joint and begged like dog. I explained what it was for, in detail. The guy was interested, gave me some info, told me what he had, and I went over and picked it up. But I had been dealing with Resonance Research Inc. in Wisconsin, which is also a good place to start asking about High voltage goods, and while he told me he had something, he in fact had sold it 2 yrs ago. Before that I was in touch with other folks, and with Duke Power looking for potential transformers which they have, but will not give you because they think you will roast yourself alive. It's a real struggle.

Not the least part of the issue is getting it transported. Mine weighs in the vicinity of 400 lbs, and if its not local, you'll pay more in shipping than you will in transformer. Better have a loading dock or forklift, or the trucker will put another $100 on your bill for services! We were able to struggle this machine into the back of my dad's Honda Accord with three guys, and it took three to get it out again. It's the size of a wastebasket but the weight is surprising!

My suggestion: Look in the yellow pages, call some folks, beg, try to get them interested, whatever. California should not be in short supply of high voltage goods. Visit a few surplus joints and junkyards- you might get lucky.