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Subject: Re: a few more stupid questions, they are the best!
Date: Oct 21, 1:42 pm
Poster: Michael Li

On Oct 21, 1:42 pm, Michael Li wrote:

>Dear Mike,

>Also if neutral are created in this process to a significant degree wouldn't the chances of them causing reaction be better due to shielding from the electron?


Why would neutrals do this. Do you think the electron cloud would have some sort of coluomb ATTRACTION? I don't believe so because electrons exist in coulds, and most of the repulsion is caused when the nueclei are close (i.e. within the electron cloud) where there are both electron forces pulling in to the nucleous and out (from the part of the cloud that's behind). Although I wouldn't take my word for it, I'm pretty sure the most important part of the repulsion would be from the nucleous. I will ask a theoretical physicist (I know one) about it.