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Subject: Re: x-ray transformers: questions (and where to get them)
Date: Oct 21, 3:07 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Oct 21, 3:07 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>>Hi Folks-
>>For those of you with x-ray transformers, I need some simple info: First, my unit was made in 1985. How likely is it to have PCB's? Secondly, it has primary ratings of 230 V at up to 120 A.
>120 amps!!! ??? RH

I believe it... My Xray unit puts out 110kV at 100 mA = 10 kW.. It's actually about 100A at 100V going into the inverter (why they used NiCd batts).

120A @ 240V would probably be 130kV @ 250-300 mA, which wouldn't be all that unusual. If an abdominal xray had an exposure of 50 mAsec..then the exposure would only take 0.2 seconds, highly desirable...