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Subject: Re: Fusor Neutron Source for a SNUB?
Date: Dec 05, 3:37 pm
Poster: Tom Billings

On Dec 05, 3:37 pm, Tom Billings wrote:

>Though I don't know about the fesability of the concept, it sounds very reasonable. Perhaps that type of system would be good for portable nuclear power. Imagine a nuclear tank or bomber?!?


Apparently, the real feasibility all depends on how close to breakeven you have to be for a pure Fusor before this concept will work. If you have to be within a factor of 3-4 of breakeven, then this probably isn't worth too much in the long-run. It probably wouldn't make that hot a bomber engine, either, at that multiplier.

However, if it can be used _now_, then we might see it used as a lever towards more Fusor research. I would think that its best market would be in smaller applications where low capital investment/small power is needed. Then mass production could lower costs nicely, if the NRC allows that. This mobile concept could be moved into areas devastated by disasters, like the recent floods in Central America quite quickly.


Tom Billings

Oregon L5 Society