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Subject: Re: Fusor sensory equipment
Date: Oct 21, 3:15 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Oct 21, 3:15 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>What is the finacial cost of a good quality pressure gauge (able to measure the pressure around 10^-3 torr) and where can one locate one.

Start with the Vacuum Equipment suppliers like Kurt J. Lesker and Duniway (both are on the web).. Either a thermocouple gauge or an ion gauge will work.. sort of at the bottom for the TC and at the high end for the ion gauge..

A subscription to "the Bell Jar" newsletter on amateur vacuum stuff is also highly recommended.

A TC gauge sensor will set you back about $50-60 brand new, and then you'll need the readout (which is basically a kind of ohmmeter), which can be homebuilt quite inexpensively.

Ion gauges are a bit more tricky, but again, the basic sensor is under $100, and the electronics are home buildable.

All are available surplus, if you scrounge, or used (from places like Duniway, for instance).

Finally, for the truly lowbuck approach, you can make TC type gauges from model airplane glow plugs and from christmas tree bulbs with the glass broken off.