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Subject: x-ray transformer arcs (not for the faint of heart)
Date: Oct 22, 9:49 pm
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 22, 9:49 pm, Carl Willis wrote:

Hi folks,

As I wait for the maintenance staff to provide a correct power drop for the lathe so I can machine my sphere some more, I have attended to my new x-ray supply and today the arcs flew.

I followed Richard's instructions for looking for corona, with leads from the transformer raw AC out about 6" from eachother above the oil. I brought the variac up and corona started forming, oil started climbing the leads due to the charge, and suddenly at about full 120 V in, a huge arc jumped between the leads. It must have got a full foot in total length before the wiper lead on this 8-amp variac vaporized (no big deal.) It was beautiful and loud and did not ruin my transformer luckily.

I was thinking, would I be able to limit the power drawn by an arc by putting a shorted microwave oven transformer in series with the primary of the xray unit to act like a magnetic shunt? Any recommendation for safety-ballasting this x-ray machine so it doesn't ruin stuff, including itself, in case of breakdown?