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Subject: Re: Fusor sensory equipment
Date: Oct 23, 8:49 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 23, 8:49 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>What is the finacial cost of a good quality pressure gauge (able to measure the pressure around 10^-3 torr) and where could one locate such a device.

The cheapest brand new thermocuple vacuum gauge would probably be Duniway stockroom's TCG-06M at $193.00. It has a mildly expanded low end that the ten buck cheaper TCG-531 does not.

TC gauges are all played out at 1 micron and are not accurate to better than 20% in that region, if you are lucky.

Used gauges with tubes are often found at hamfests for $25.00 or on E-bay.

check out www.duniway.com

Richard Hull