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Subject: Re: inductive ballasting of x-ray unit
Date: Oct 23, 7:50 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Oct 23, 7:50 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

resistor without major rearrangements. But since I will be using my Maxwell, 50 kV 50 uF cap for filtration I might have to stick a resistor in line anyway to keep from having a slight explosion problem (no kidding). It will most likely be in its own oil-filled tupperware bin. Any helpful suggestions will be considered!

Check out that High Power Microwave Transmitter handbook from Los Alamos (available on the web as a 25MB pdf). Lots of good material on fault current limiting, etc. Especially important since you have a huge energy storage cap (62 kJ??? 50 uF@50 kV) That's a LOT of stored energy, and probably much more than you need (or want). If you are just using it for filtering DC, you might want to consider using an inductive filter instead (not as exciting when you have a flashover, and the fusors DO flashover periodically)