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Subject: Re: inductive ballasting of x-ray unit
Date: Oct 24, 9:50 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 24, 9:50 am, Richard Hull wrote:

since I will be using my Maxwell, 50 kV 50 uF cap for filtration I might have to stick a resistor in line anyway to keep from having a slight explosion problem (no kidding).


I hve to agree with Jim Lux on this point!!!!

Ditch that cap!!!

The first small bump in the glow regime and your inner grid is vapor!

I used to use a 0.1uf @30 kv as a filter, but now have removed all DC filtration from my DC full wave rectified power unit output. It is un-needed and can really mess with sensitive instrumentation when megawatt pulses formed in microseconds out of big filter caps throw RF everywhere. I would really recommend no caps in a real high voltage neutron producing system provided you are fullwave DC rectified.

Richard Hull