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Subject: Neutron Counter Q's
Date: Oct 25, 0:47 am
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 25, 0:47 am, Carl Willis wrote:

Hey Folks with Neutron Counter Experience,

I got my surplus unit today- it's a ludlum M 12-4 BF3 / polyethylene sphere type. Appears to work, chirping several times per minute due to background. First question: It's got a pushbutton labeled "RES" on the front that I have no clue about. Can anyone tell me its possible function? Second question: I'd like to be able to connect the unit in some fashion to a computerized data logger to look at rates over extended times. Possible output voltage points are: the speaker, which chirps for every count; the meter, which registers the counts; and the tube itself. In this case I will need to use an amplifier and pulse shaping equip. And then there's all the rest of the circuit in the case. Ideas of where to tap into this thing?? Thanks!