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Subject: Re: Neutron Counter Q's
Date: Oct 25, 11:24 am
Poster: Jones Beene

On Oct 25, 11:24 am, Jones Beene wrote:

Second question: I'd like to be able to connect the unit in some fashion to a computerized data logger to look at rates over extended times. Possible output voltage points are: the speaker...

Hi Carl,

The simplest solution for counting, if you have a PC with a good sound card, is just to use a mini-microphone from the PC taped over the speaker of the rad monitor - then obtain DAQ software that uses the soundcard for input. There is a lot of this for free and for a fee on the internet.

In general, this solution works surprisingly well up to 20-40 khz. If you are getting many more neuts then that, then you probably need to think first about shielding.