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Subject: More neutron measurment thoughts
Date: Oct 25, 4:36 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 25, 4:36 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

More for Carl and others interested in neutron measurements.

Before you blow that first breath of D2 into your fusor, pump it down (air) and run it like you are fusing and take neutron measurements. It you start counting, you may have electronic/RF noise entering your counter electronics via poor shielding or ground cable opens. I do this regularly to check for same. I now have a quiet system due to the removal of the filter capacitor.

I can't detect any neutrons with air in the chamber above the normalized background. This is as it should be, ideally.

Once D2 is admitted the system is soiled and such tests may indicate a very low level of fusion due to outgassing of adsorbed D2 molecules in the walls, grid, etc., desorbing over time due to rising temperatures or electron/ion bombardment of chamber and components.

These are simple and demanded control tests. You will be pressed on these issues by the "doubting Thomases". You'll need "ammo" to fire back at them. The best ammo is rigid adherance to good experimental technique and sciencific principles.

Some folks who are too ignorant or who are very intelligent, but too far removed from the empirical act of creating fusion, can't fathom fusion by an amateur on a table top! They just KNOW it takes billions of the money to do that kind of stuff....Doesn't it? Some would rather hold onto this vision than admit to themselves that you are actually doing it. You'll need to look sharp and have a polished presentation to sway them.

Richard Hull