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Subject: Re: Inexpensive neutron source
Date: Oct 25, 10:16 pm
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 25, 10:16 pm, Carl Willis wrote:

I have one of these lamps that was ripped from some junk a while back. I'll also try your experiment as a first step with the BF3 counter I got, and let you know if the counter does a jig for it.

Somehow I don't think that with the high pressure of gas in there I can get it up to fusion voltage on the x-ray machine...but we'll see!

I have been looking for some beryllium, or an alloy, salt, anything with this poisonous metal in it so I can make a cheap PoBe or AmBe source to quick-check the neutron counter. I think that aluminum absorbs alphas and emits neutrons- but double-check me on that. If so, the cross-section is probably much lower and the energy may not be right. I agree it would be nice to have a cheap reliable test source, not necessarily for calibration but for spot-checks on counters to see if they work.