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Subject: Neutron Counter interface
Date: Oct 27, 0:29 am
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 27, 0:29 am, Carl Willis wrote:

I have an interface working between the ludlums BF3 counter and LabView. The audio signal that goes to the piezo element is divided in half by two 330 k resistors, and a .33 micro F cap across one integrates the audiofrequency "chirp" to make one pulse. Output is via a BNC connnector and is about 5-7 volts, just fine for triggering a certain multimeter and registering a count. So far, I get a count about every 13 minutes during the day and it seems to go down at night a bit. I still don't have all the bugs dealt with on the program yet but I at least have an idea of what a normal count is like.