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Subject: Re: High pressure D2 fusion
Date: Oct 27, 11:31 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Oct 27, 11:31 am, Jim Lux wrote:

>This idea might do better in a true fusor due to the energy multiplication via the optimium head on collisional nature of the fusor. I believe we have covered this basic idea before, but it would do well to play with the concept a bit more.

But, in a true fusor, relatively few of the ions actually collide head on.. most collide at 60,90,120 degrees, or so.. In fact, I seem to recall that that beam/body collisions are more common than beam/beam collisions, just because there are a lot more body deuterons floating around.

And, if you get the voltage up high enough (sort of presumed in one of these pulsed devices), the beam/body collisions will also be up on the cross section curve far enough to get it to fuse.

For what it's worth, a high pressure system would be a lot less hassle in terms of vacuum pumps, etc., although probably more hassle in terms of HV, etc. (and certainly counting for pulses, as Richard points out).