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Subject: Re: High pressure D2 fusion
Date: Oct 27, 1:56 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 27, 1:56 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>But, in a true fusor, relatively few of the ions actually collide head on.. most collide at 60,90,120 degrees, or so.. In fact, I seem to recall that that beam/body collisions are more common than beam/beam collisions, just because there are a lot more body deuterons floating around.
>And, if you get the voltage up high enough (sort of presumed in one of these pulsed devices), the beam/body collisions will also be up on the cross section curve far enough to get it to fuse.


Hopefully, without looking like Jim and I are patting each other on the back constantly on this list, he has a point which I have owned up to all along much to the dismay of the hopeful. While the fusor is collisional, its saving grace is it is a *** FOCUSED **** collisional accelerator!

The vast majority of the collisions, which occur in VELOCITY SPACE in the fusor, and not in the maxwellian are still worthless for fusion due to the bad angles, failure to fall through the full potential gradient, ion-neutral, ion-ion intergass collisions, etc. This is where my recent statement regarding "the few tens of thousands of lucky ions per second" comes in. They are the fusion in the fusor. Even these could not be found in a "lamp type system". There is no focus. This would be a maxwellian collisional system and vastly less efficient figured from any direction you choose. In the fusor, every deuteron produced, PERIOD, (100%) is headed, ostensibly, towards a focus, an idealized point within the inner grid region. Alas, only a tiny fraction of these deuterons arrive alive, hot, on target, and at an ideal angle to a mating 180 degree ion of similar virility. It is a numbers game but with the odds heavily stacked in our favor. In a "lamp" situation the odds are fairly even.

Richard Hull