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Subject: Re: High pressure D2 fusion
Date: Oct 27, 4:08 pm
Poster: Jones Benee

On Oct 27, 4:08 pm, Jones Benee wrote:

Let me state for the record that I have absolutely no quarrel with what has been said in this thread about the fact that D+D fusion is improbable if not impossible in a D filled bulb (of any pressure).

The logical problem in all of these arguments is the assumtion that observed neutrons must be the result of fusion.

As I have stated a number of times it has not yet been proven that even the neutrons that are produced by a Fusor are the result of fusion, at least as understood in conventional physics. Until someone does a careful analysis of the ash from a Fusor, my personal assumption is that the bulk of these neutrons are from some other nuclear reaction than fusion, whether it be called "stripping" or accelerated decay or low Z stimulated fission.

The threshold and slope of the Maxwellian distribution curve for actual D+D fusion is much too high to support the results that have been reported by Fusor enthusiasts, whether they be university affiliated or stark amateurs.

>What about using a very(!) short pulse of voltage (not what's going on here) that doesn't allow a glow discharge or arc to develop (which takes some time...).

The pulses that I am using in the D filled bulb begin as 10ns (from a Wavetek function generator). They are undoubtedly lengthened by the rest of the circuitry, but I must repeat that my aim was never to reproduce a fusor or even to create D+D fusion. My setup was honed to produce electron "charge clusters" and I am now assuming that it is these that serve to strip neutrons - or more precisely to stimulate a D fission reaction.

I know the topic of charge clusters, or EVs, is off topic here and somewhat controversial, but I would urge anyone who is not familiar with the subject to read Ken Shoulder's patents and other reports which are freely available on the web as the techniques may be applicable to a Fusor.