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Subject: Re: mini fusors
Date: Oct 28, 11:45 am
Poster: Ben Franchuk

On Oct 28, 11:45 am, Ben Franchuk wrote:

>I am still on the drawing board wrestling with inital parameters, eg 1 inch or 2 inch dia sphere and a 1-2 mm grid??.
Darn I was hoping for a large buckyball
grid and few H atoms in the center.

Mixed units here, do you want your fusor
to crash into Mars?

All kidding aside how do you plan
to make the grid. With a diameter under 1/4"
that is bit too small for a wire grid.
The only way I can see would be to etch
a very tiny metalic shell into a grid shape.

>I hope to use only cryo pumping.
>I would welcome more suggestions.

It looks to be a very nice little fusor.