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Subject: Re: mini fusors, history repeates itself
Date: Oct 28, 7:02 pm
Poster: An observer

On Oct 28, 7:02 pm, An observer wrote:

A history note, while Farnsworth is known for his complex, but still small IEC devices, if you did not know he to made very small IEC devices like the one being proposed.

In a picture of Pem Farnsworth from the book Distant vision, you will notice that she has her hand on a little ball like ornament tide around her neck by a chain.

You want to take a guess what that is?

I'll tell you, its a cathode from a miniature IEC device that Farnsworth made.

You guy's have to keep in mind that no matter how big or small an IEC device is its in essence nothing more than a fancy vacuum diode tube.
So, Farnsworth solution to the problem of the cathode size restrictions was to use a perforated sphere instead of a grid.