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Subject: Re: mini fusors, history repeates itself
Date: Oct 29, 0:19 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 29, 0:19 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I have read on the mini fusor issue.

Good luck to all who wish to try smaller fusors. If you will remember, I was building the smaller ones as demo units only. They were for concept demonstration, displays, party favors, etc.

I will have to let you guys looking to make a real, fusing, mini fusor lead the way here. I am still focused on the Hirsch-Meeks device in Fusor IV (6") still in progress. I will report on the mini fusor demos as I have time to work them. I have at least milled and finished the edges of the 3.5" unit and hope to use a 5/8" or 3/4" inner grid.

Electroformed grids is a nice idea, but wait until you see the heat ladled out to these things. Again, it is wise to do the first fusor as a larger (8") demo device using cheap wire and junk stuph so that the obvious becomes a revelation.

I would hate to see the gas let out of an aspiring fusorite's bag when a costly and tediously assembled, speicalized fusor vaporizes its grid or has a "normal operating failure". This could be the tie breaker that would throw an otherwise good mind off the fusor trail. Nothing succeeds like success. Make the first one simple, cheap and dirty. It'll work, you'll freak, you'll be bouyed by what you see and the next one is made from experiences gained. RH

>You guy's have to keep in mind that no matter how big or small an IEC device is its in essence nothing more than a fancy vacuum diode tube.
>So, Farnsworth solution to the problem of the cathode size restrictions was to use a perforated sphere instead of a grid.

Farnsworth could afford the holes in the spherical central system. He was not getting nor wanted recirculation. His systems were ion gunned devices. He created deuteron beams and injected directly through the holes. In that process he had 100% transparency. No amateur has built a gunned system to date.

Richard Hull