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Subject: Re:
Date: Oct 29, 0:35 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 29, 0:35 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Here is a link (from Scott Little's website) to a fairly recent Ken Shoulder's document:
>It is Adobe PDF format.
>Unfortunately his latest paper entitled "Permittivity Transitions" is not yet on the web.


Ken sent out copies of the paper to selected individuals and Scott and I were recipients. I guess we are on his list. I don't know if he wants it widely distributed. If so I would think he would put it up on a website. He is a hard man to get in touch with, normally.

I have known Ken for a few years as we have met and talked and drank ourselves silly in the evenings at a few new energy conferences in the mid 90s where we were speakers.

He has done some interesting work.

For those not familiar.... He claims to have discovered, have a working knowledge of and can generate and manipulate in various circuits and switching systems, EVs or Electon Validums. (knots of 10e9 or more electrons bound into a single entity). He has a book out which is virtually unobtainable (one run - out of print - low distribution). He has a vast range of papers out, most as part of proceedings from various conferences involving new energy.

Richard Hull