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Subject: Re: D+D Cross section
Date: Oct 29, 7:27 pm
Poster: Ben Franchuk

On Oct 29, 7:27 pm, Ben Franchuk wrote:

>>I personally find it curious that you can propound what clearly is a violation of conservation of energy laws without considering the possibility of other explanations, however unsupported they may be by the "establishment" at the present time.

As a beliver in Autodynamics,The base
calculations could be flawed that use SR as
guide lines.

>>This is true of course, but we are dealing with a new hypothesis and no one has yet obtained funding to flesh out the details. It might even be found at some future date that many of the old cross sectional tables are flawed because they failed to remove the effects of stripping from their data.

They could be flawed because striping,or mis-calculated because of flaws in SR or for
other reasons.A error of 50% really would not
make much difference for use in H-Bomb work,
but would be in Fusion Reactor.

>>That number may already be part (the tail) of the so-called D-D fusion cross sectional curve, but it would take some big bucks to prove it.

Quit with the big bucks view point.
Look what the 'Big bucks' view point has produced
for FUSION or the SPACE PROGRAM. Nothing so
far. While I don't expect a average person
to build a fusion reactor or a reuasable space
transport nothing in my mind would say that
a group of people could not build a reactor
or space craft or a computer chip for that matter.
(I am sticking to computer-cpu design as my
apartment parking lot is too small space craft
and the neigbors below me might not like to be
bombarded with gamma rays.:) Octal Computers http://www.jetnet.ab.ca/users/bfranchuk

>In answer to your question on deuteirium stripping it takes a collision with a photon of energy 1.2 mev to split the neutron off. This can occur in gas on the higher energy side of the Maxwell boltzman distribution.

Hmm Intersting. A photon with a energy of
>1.02 MeV passing close to a proton can produce
anti-matter (positron). The high school physics book has the '+' symbol beside it and a fusor grid is '-' right. Well now he have another loss
here - anti-matter eating at the grid.

Some food for thought... mini-fusors your
source for anti-matter used in space,industry and
fusion reactors.:)