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Subject: Re: D+D Cross section
Date: Oct 29, 9:28 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 29, 9:28 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>In answer to your question on deuteirium stripping it takes a collision with a photon of energy 1.2 mev to split the neutron off. This can occur in gas on the higher energy side of the Maxwell boltzman distribution. By the way you guys, be carefull,start looking into shiielding if you want to investigate this stuff further.

Interesting! Can you supply a reference for this?
I wonder if a photo is required or would any 1.2 MEV collision do it. I suppose the gamma ray is just a neutral and can enter with impunity. Still, interesting. Needless to say that in the fusor or any lamp there are no 1.2 MEV gammas.

I have shielding on hand, but the need is just not there yet due to the tiny flux inspite of the high RBE neuts.

Richard Hull