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Subject: Re: High pressure D2 fusion (verification)
Date: Oct 30, 8:42 pm
Poster: Ivan Vuletich

On Oct 30, 8:42 pm, Ivan Vuletich wrote:


a half formed thought on verifying whether Jones Beene's D2 lamp is doing any fusion at all.

If there is any fusion going on in the lamp then 0.82 MeV He3 alpha particles, 3.02 MeV protons and 1.01 MeV Tritium nuclei must also be produced.

I assume that the lamp is not very big and that the glass is not very thick. So would any of those charged particles have enough energy to pucnch through the gas and glass in great enough numbers to be detected outside of the lamp?.

If this could be done then, as a very crude cross check, any charged particle detector, must show the same time trace as the neutron detector.

I mentioned this idea in connection with fusor a while back, but there the consensus was that the charged particles wouldn't have enough energy to punch thru the SS shell.