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Subject: Gamma searches
Date: Oct 31, 9:38 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 31, 9:38 am, Richard Hull wrote:

One or two folks have privately e-mailed me and asked why all the discontent, when a simple search for gammas from the little discussed d + d = He4 + gamma reaction would be better.

It would be if that reaction in our stuff was even worth honorable mention. Billions of the normal
d + d = He3 + n and the d + d = H3 + p reactions will occur before we get the heavy hitter helium reaction. That is why it is almost never mentioned in a man made d-d fusion reaction, which are stated as a perfect 50:50 for the latter two reactions only!

Finally, as mentioned in numerous posts before, the nuclear ash in an amateur fusor is so miniscule over normal run times that even a quadrapole RGA with electron multiplier can't read the ash against the background noise. So that avenue is out to we amateurs. Not only from an expense standpoint, but from a normal feasible scientific standpoint as well.

Richard Hull