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Subject: Re: Looking for Particles
Date: Oct 31, 11:38 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Oct 31, 11:38 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

All the more reason to look for protons. This is not quite as convenient as the neutron approach, as the detector must be in the vacuum chamber(or have an extremely thin window). However, the detection efficiencies for semiconductor detectors are far greater than for the BC-270 scintillator, making counting easier. A MCA to sort out the particle energies need not be all that expensive - I nabbed one at a local surplus outlet for $100. Again, as in any shoestring venture, chance favors the prepared eye. Know what you're looking for - from vacuum fittings to MCAs.

Richard Hester
>>Does the BC neutron scintillator plastic provide any energy discrimination?
>Absolutely not!

>In proton recoil, we are strictly working with random collisons at random angles, with a particle (neutron). We can certainly use the device to accurately measure the proton energy, but can never get any info about the neutron causing the recoil due to the nearly infinite range of kinetic energies possible for the proton based on unknown collision dynamics.
>It is great for warranting a fast neutron event has taken place, but gives us no info about the energy of the fast neutron.
>Richard Hull