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Subject: Re: X-ray penetration of fusor
Date: Nov 03, 12:30 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Nov 03, 12:30 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

system). The glass port is a dangerous area to approach above 22KV and using the human eye to observe here is a big no-no as it is one of the most sensitive organs in the body to radiation.
> Use a cheap B&W video camera to observe the poissor. I have never looked with my eye into fusor III since the low voltage test phase in Dec 1998. X-ray leaks around this area are the big problem with fusor operation from a radiation stand point. Point this region away from you and onlookers when running fusors.

There is some intangible satisfaction to actually seeing something, as opposed to watching it on a screen. Perhaps a mirror and telescope, or a projection lens and a screen might be a good way to do it.