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Subject: Re: Fusor breakeven?
Date: Dec 13, 09:30 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 13, 09:30 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I'm new around here, please bear with me.
>On Miley's IEC page they state, "Currently, the IEC device does not produce as much energy as is used to operate it. That is, the device has not achieved enregy breakeven. In fact, the current devices are ten orders of magnitude away from breakeven"
>I'm aware of Farnsworth's breakeven claims....but does Miley's statement above really represent the best we can do NOW with these devices?

Farnwworth's breakeven claims??!

Farnsworth was looking to hit break even, but never made it. I am unaware of any claims made by Farnsworth of hitting break even. He was an excitable person and ,may have blurted out that they were close, but to my knowledge never published a claim of break even.

The ITT/Farnworth device was a heck of a lot more sophisticated that Miley's and our device which is really a basic Hirsch design.

It is pretty much apples and oranges.

Everyone from Princeton's and LANL's eggheads with millions of the money to we impoverished, redirected tinkerers are nowhere near break even!

Richard Hull