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Subject: X-Ray Transformers
Date: Nov 08, 5:19 pm
Poster: Michael Li

On Nov 08, 5:19 pm, Michael Li wrote:

I have recently made a few calls to dentists listed in the yellow pages. None of their receptionists seem to have an X-ray transformer (or don't know what one is). When trying to explain it to them, I realized that they don't apreciate what one does. To explain it to them, I would have to describe it's appearance. So my question #1 is what does it look like.

My second question is how does it fit in with the X-ray machine. In one call, I took the liberty to ask if the machine is directly hooked up to the wall and they told me that it was and that it was fixed. So questino #2 is is it built inside the machine or am I missing something here?