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Subject: Size counts???
Date: Nov 08, 9:09 pm
Poster: Mark Harriss

On Nov 08, 9:09 pm, Mark Harriss wrote:

When building a Farnsworth Hirsch fusor does the volume of the plasma have any effect on successful fusion??. For example in a fission bomb, geometry and size (critical mass) are important for function as well as neutron reflectors to bounce and slow down neutrons so they can interact. I guess what I'm asking is whether the neutrons have any effect on fusion or are just a by-product of the fusion.

They are by definition neutral but can they help knock loose (strip) other atoms??. I'd appreciate any thoughts about general size, such as whether lower voltages would then be usable as the electric field would be denser, but on the other hand there would not be much space for ion acceleration.