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Subject: Re: X-Ray Transformers
Date: Nov 09, 9:02 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 09, 9:02 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I have recently made a few calls to dentists listed in the yellow pages. None of their receptionists seem to have an X-ray transformer (or don't know what one is). When trying to explain it to them, I realized that they don't apreciate what one does. To explain it to them, I would have to describe it's appearance. So my question #1 is what does it look like.

It looks like any other transformer in your hand, but they are part of the head or main control box in all modern small systems and are never "seen". They are always immersed in oil, often with the x-ray tube.

Only very old systems being disgarded would have a true external tanked transformer.

You are probing for something, modern X-ray folks don't have a clue about. Ask for the service department and talk to a technician, he will know what you are talking about. If they don't have a service department they farm it out, and you don't need to talk to them anymore.

Most modern equipment is either throw away or replace the entire head, transformer, tube, case, oil and all!!! The days of fixing by replacing the bad component is a distant memory.

You only chance is to find a dirt floored repair shop with some old coger who has 20 or 30 of the older machines stacked up in the cellar.

I got my stuff from a repair facility who gave them to me for free. They would not hand them too me, instead they called me up when an ancient system was being disposed of and told me they would be setting it out behind their building for proper PCB disposal and allowing me to just stealthily pull my truck up and steal them, in effect.

It all depends on how tighta--ed your x-ray repair place is.

From here I just disassembled the system to get what I needed of value.

Richard Hull