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Subject: Re: X-ray penetration of fusor
Date: Nov 09, 10:39 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 09, 10:39 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>wouldn't a window of leaded glass protect your camera.
>many standard glasses are available with with 22-40% lead content.
>daniel preston

Any help would be welcome especially in future as the voltages climb. However, most vacuum ports are not lead glass and a specially machined and gasketed port would have to be supplied for adapting the lead glass. Finally the E-beam absorption for lead glass might result in unacceptable amounts of heating which is a no-no for glass in a vacuum system.

I'll check into the leaded glass more, but the mirror bit (Jim Lux) sounds infinitely more doable for the camera. A major lens change would be in order and the field of view greatly diminished with the mirror scheme, however.

Richard Hull