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Subject: Re: Size counts???
Date: Nov 09, 11:38 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Nov 09, 11:38 am, Jim Lux wrote:

>First, if you are looking at a dense gas machine of the sort all of us in the neutron club have produced and used, the size by the laws of physics must be 8" or smaller in diameter. (preferably 6" or less). This assumes voltages in the 20-40kv range are applied.
>The reason is strictly one of mean free path. You are not going to have a significant fraction of you fusion energy deuterons survive the acceleratory run at the inner grid in a machine any larger than 8" at the micron pressure level (10e-3 torr).

What about a coaxial geometry? Imagine (ignoring the mechanical problems) a long tube about 6-8" in diameter with a mesh tube running down the center. Short ion paths, so high pressure is ok, large fusing volume, etc.

Makes the neutron source very "non point" so counter geometry calibration would be tough...