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Subject: Re: tungsten wire source
Date: Nov 09, 4:10 pm
Poster: d.preston

On Nov 09, 4:10 pm, d.preston wrote:

>>What material would the grids be made out of? I have been trying to get a hold of tungsten because stainless steel melts too quickly but can't find a local dealer who has it in stock. I might be interested in the device. If so, I would need 5-8 grids (from 1.5" in diameter to about a foot). Do you have the standard design for a fusor grid (it's in one of Tom Ligon's articles).
>Tungsten wire is available from a variety of theatrical and prop supply places in small quanitites. It is used in small diameters to hold things in mid-air "invisibly" (very high tensile strength): think floating candy bars in TV ads) A trade name is "Suspendo" A wholesaler (who could give you the names of local dealers in small quantities) is Reel EFX, Inc. in North Hollywood CA (818)762-1710 (www.reelefx.com)
>various diameters from 0.001" on up....

we purchase our tungsten from Osram Sylvania as well as GE. Thoriated tungsten we import from china. We have automated machines for winding lamp filiaments in house.

I am not in my office now, but tomorrow I will be glad to post the sources for tungsten and tantalum sheet if anyone is interested.